KwikAz Cost and Coverage Calculator

The KwikAz Cost & Coverage Calculator will assist you to estimate how many KwikAz products you will need to complete your job and an approximate cost and coverage area.
Product Quantity Price
Taxes not included
- 500 clips/bucket
- 8.9kg/bucket
- 60g/driver
Safety Caps
- Bag of 50
- 780g/bag
- Bag of 50
- 220g/bag
Total Pricing information
Prices are shown in AUD (Australian Dollars) and do not include local taxes. They are intended as a rough guide only. Other factors and variations in estimated amounts will produce a different outcome. Your final bill can go up as well as down, depending on changes in usage/quantity/etc.

Please contact us for a detailed quote.
All prices are shown in AUD (Australian Dollars)
Approximate Shipping Weight : 8.90 kgs / 19.62 lbs
(excluding additional packing weight)