KwikAz News - June 2011

KwikAz Increases Range

After expensive industry consultation and field trials KwikAz Clips are now available in two sizes so they can be used on System, Tube & Clamp or Frame Scaffold. This means that the entire scaffolding industry will now have access to this labor saving system. Consult your local distributor for more information or drop us a line and we will gladly assist.

KwikAz Now in Europe

Lammerts van Bueren has been appointed as a distributor of KwikAz. Lammerts van Bueren is a Dutch company with over 150 years experience in the sail making and netting industries. Their knowledge of the European market will provide KwikAz with a perfect launching pad into this lucrative sector.

KwikAz News - January 2011

KwikAz at World of Concrete 2011

Visitors to the World Of Concrete 2011 trade show in Las Vegas Nevada USA will have an opportunity to experience KwikAz at work when it is displayed there this month. With interest in KwikAz growing steadily, it is anticipated that a North American distribution network will soon be established giving contractors the opportunity to benefit for this time saving product.

KwikAz News - November 2010

KwikAz Now Available in New Zealand

Tradesource, a leading supplier to the scaffolding industry in New Zealand, has taken delivery of its first order of KwikAz. Tradesource recognised the massive benefits of this system and believes that with their extensive knowledge of the New Zealand market, coupled with their experienced sales team, that KwikAz will soon gain industry acceptance in New Zealand.

Tradesource is a division of the Access Group of companies based in Maungaturoto Northland New Zealand. Visit the website at or call 0800 PROSCAF (776 7223) for all sales enquiries.

KwikAz Clips are Now Galvanised

Following industry consultation and field trials KwikAz Clips are now available in galvanised carbon steel. The galvanised clip ensures an even longer life by significantly reducing the effects of rusting as a result of our harsh Australian environment, while not changing the performance and strength of the KwikAz system.

KwikAz News - August 2010

KwikAz in the USA

Philadelphia PA USA (July 2010) - KwikAz scaffolding and netting system, guaranteed to save you valuable time and money by eliminating consumable product like tie wire and zip ties, was recently launched in the U.S. at the Scaffolding Industry Association Conference in Philadelphia in July to rave reviews.

According to many long time attendee’s at the SIA Conference, KwikAz was ‘…..the most innovative product that they had seen at this event in years…..’ and one that could clearly save their organizations time and money when attaching screening and netting. KwikAz is a unique product that takes the physical and financial pain out of attaching screens and netting to scaffolding. It was clear to attendee’s that significant dollar savings are easily achieved by the reduced time it takes to install screening and netting in all weather conditions, and the reusable aspect means a reduction in consumable purchases in the future.

The core of the system is the reusable, stress relieved, carbon steel C-Clip which is capable of multiple uses without losing its strength and is available in various sizes. The installation process makes a mockery of traditional methods thanks to its speed and simplicity. Firstly the clip is inserted into the specially developed Driver tool and then, in one motion, the clip is struck through the netting or screening and over the scaffolding. The handle comes free leaving the clip firmly in place. When the construction is completed the clips are simply removed, using the hook on the Driver, and stored for reuse on your next job. All this can be easily done when wearing even heavy duty gloves.

KwikAz is currently being reviewed by many large organisations throughout the U.S and Canada, and will be available in the coming months through our distribution network. Interest has also spread throughout the world with companies in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, United Kingdom and South Africa keen to benefit from the savings KwikAz can offer.

KwikAz is part of the Mass Electronics Group based in Brisbane Australia, and is committed to supplying the building and construction industry with innovative hardware solutions. Over the past 25 years Mass Electronics has built a reputation of providing high quality components and excellent international sales and service, with many of its products entering its large distribution network in the United States. KwikAz is continuing to expand and is currently investigating other products to cut costs and improve efficiency in the construction and scaffolding industries.