KwikAz Products

KwikAz Clip Bucket KwikAz Bucket O' Clips KWK001
  • Bucket of 500 reusable KwikAz screen retaining Clips
  • Clips avaiable in two sizes:
    • 50mm (1.9") scaffolding
    • 41/43mm (1 5/8" or 1.69") scaffolding
  • Galvanised Carbon Steel for strength and durability
  • Can be used to fix a wide range of scaffold safety barriers, including:
    • Scaffold Sheeting
    • Scaffold Screening
    • Scaffold Netting
    • Debris Netting
KwikAz Driver KwikAz Driver KWK002
  • KwikAz Driver used to fit and remove KwikAz clips
  • Colour Green
  • Supplied in single units
KwikAz Safety Caps KwikAz Safety Caps KWK003
  • Protective rubber caps that cover the points of the clips in areas of pedestrian traffic or site access
  • Plastic bag of 50 KwikAz Safety Caps for use with KwikAz Clips
KwikAz Gripz KwikAz Gripz KWK006
  • Rubber strap for additional grip
  • Plastic bag of 50 reusable KwikAz Gripz for use with KwikAz Clips.